Private Health Coaching

GET INSPIRED, FEEL EMPOWERED, GAIN CONFIDENCE AND ACHIEVE MEANINGFUL RESULTS! Our one-on-one daytime private health coaching programs provide a personalized approach to your unique health and nutrition needs with dedicated time and attention to support your goal achievement. Ditch the diet and discover meaningful results with a customized health and nutrition program!


It’s time to experience a personalized approach that considers YOU – mind, body and spirit!

“The most important thing I learned from Mindy is that fitness is a total package. There isn’t one metric to measure it. It took 3 months to see weight loss, but in those 3 months I was replacing fat with lean muscle, my clothes were fitting better, I had more energy and I stopped having heartburn several times a week. My strength, agility, balance and endurance improved. Then I finally saw the scale move, and once the weight loss started, it continued very quickly. It has been 18 months and 30 pounds since that pivotal first meeting with Mindy. I am now at a healthy weight and cholesterol levels, and in the best shape of my life. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been a lot of fun and by far the most rewarding experience. Thank you Mindy!”




Private Health Coaching – a personalized approach for meaningful results!

  • 60 min. private coaching sessions to address your health and nutrition concerns
  • Enjoy scheduling convenience with appointments available by phone, Skype, or in person
  • Benefit from a program tailored to your unique needs and goals
  • Promote healthy outcomes through education, guided direction, accountability and support
  • Gain exclusive resources and tips
  • Weekly homework assignments provided to keep you moving forward
  • Receive dedicated time and attention
  • Empower a healthy lifestyle
  • Get inspired, feel empowered, gain confidence and achieve results
  • All new clients complete a health assessment to promote optimal outcomes

Achieve even greater results with our unique 4 week health, fitness and nutrition intensive program!

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“I first came to Mindy for personal training and her Jumpstart program — I had been out of a fitness routine for some time and getting back on track seemed daunting. Mindy broke it down into something fun and manageable. Her positive and can-do attitude is great and she’ll never let you sell yourself short (or grab the lighter weights, when she knows you are capable and can do more :) A big thank you to her for keeping me on track and helping me continue to reach my goals!”


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